Our business scope includes two aspects: video and audio technology services support.

Video Technology Services: Full HD filming technology support. Comprehensive planning, shooting, production services. Including commercials, feature films, product and corporate promotion films, electronic brochures, online video advertising. Music videos, green screens and virtual studios, packaged shots, subtitles, and audio-visual mixing. Wedding planning and filming, friends gatherings, personal photo projects. Can be covered by multiple cameras.

Audio Technical Support: Dubbing for video works. Tuning for various performances. Perform professional sound testing, initialization adjustments and maintenance for Kabuki, nightclubs, karaoke and other commercial venues to keep your sound system working at its best. Extend system service life, increase attendance, and enhance competition.

Both the pre- and post-production processes use professional equipment and the quality of the finished video reaches the broadcast level. Complete the plan on schedule.
A personal series: Children grow up records / Graduation pictures / photo albums / Personal Music Video / Job Video / Film production Wedding video, etc.

Children’s growth record:
Every birthday is a milestone in the way children grow up, with full HD video recording the children’s activities all day, very impressive picture of the best growth will be a file, our professional photographer has the wealth of experience who will be the same with you to complete this wonderful process. The day before filming, and prepare thoroughly. If going out, please remember to bring diapers, paper towels.Shooting start from the child to get up early in the morning , until the night go to bed, the process of recording the whole day. Post-production requires a soundtrack and your commentary. This is a unique baby birthday commemoration. If you need the filming of a newborn on the day he/she was born, please make an appointment.

Graduation pictures:
Graduating unforgettable memories of a turning point on the road in life, let’s recall while growing, grow while remembering ……
The words just can not carry this experience, the memories can not reproduce those of unforgettable moments, when they became our forever graduation pictures, “tomorrow” we’ll graduate -when thinking about tomorrow, we must bid farewell to the beautiful campus, bid farewell to the teachers and classmates who were together with you morning and night,the deep feelings of attachment filled the hearts ……
To gather the graduation time recording bit by bit, we provide class, friends or personal graduation souvenir MV photography services, and special effects with the fine post-production, produce DVD, electronic photo album, album and other entities for your permanent preservation.
1, MV graduation film contains elements: shooting Graduation Party and class individual photos, group photo (see the class for people to communicate directly with the photographer)
2, Class MV (about 30-50 individuals), the plot and content of free play can be with Graduation Party Highlights.
3, Friend MV (5-20 individuals), the plot and content of free play, can be included with dinner Highlights.
4, (Department) MV (more than 100 people) shooting and production of DVD, electronic photo album, photo album services, prices would be negotiated between the department manager and us.
Above work would be completed in one day, full price and specific action programs could be adjusted according to the person in charge in the class and arrange a timetable.

From the moment of our birth, we declare our arrival to the world in our unique way . The role of personal photo is, in fact, within a short time, telling the audience what kind of person you are, from your inner world to your appearance, with what kind of personality and what kind of feature performance.

Everyone has the different awareness of their own beauties. Cameraman’s role is using the lens language to help you to demonstrate your characteristics as much as possible,which is the beauty belongs to you. Of course, maybe we will set some appropriate circumstances, with the help of the environment, cosmetics, clothing and even the props change, make more suitable lens language for you. Let your audience remember you by only looking at your Album.
An active promotion of self-image, whether for interview candidates,blind dating or for establishing business relationship (maybe you just love), will play an important role in propagating your impression. More importantly, after sometime,the other person still have a chance to notice you again. The successful probability will be improved in your work. Also need to remind you that digital video can be used every time you first meet with other people. it is acceptable to all, and through the beautifully packaged DVD.

Wedding Video:
Wedding: This is a special day. (For example about the cameraman in this day of video coverage as well as his shooting order)
12:00 pm-1: 00 pm shooting the groom and best man, and his parents at home or elsewhere, they are preparing the wedding.
1:10 pm-2: 30 pm shooting the bride and bridesmaids and her parents at home or elsewhere, they are preparing the wedding. (Need to filming one and half hours video).
2:30 pm-2: 55 pm shooting the preparations and capture the arrival of guests and the groom, then welcome the bride. Until the bride and groom leave.
3:00 pm-3: 30 pm at the designated place (church or garden) shooting wedding, until the end of the ceremony.
3:30 pm-3: 40 pm shooting both families’ and friends’ congratulations.
3:40 pm-4: 00 pm filming of family members after the ceremony.
4:00 pm-6: 15 pm wedding ceremony, or any other place in the garden, filming the interviews of the bride and groom, and the designated person as you request. The cameraman may need to set up the equipment of light and sound.
5:45 pm arriving at the reception site.
Reception description:
6:15 pm-6: 20 pm rehearsal of cutting the cake(bridal team need to rest for 10 minutes)
6:30 pm-6: 35 pm officially announced the bride arrival.
7:30 pm-8: 00 pm speeches, toasts.
8:00 pm-8: 05 pm cut the cake.
8:05 pm-8: 45 pm bridal waltz and a variety of dance.
8:45 pm-9: 00 pm guest interviews: the best man / maid of honor, or who would like to hold the microphone as a host.
9:00 pm-10: 00 pm more different dance
10:00 pm-10: 30 pm bid farewell to the bride and groom. (This includes throwing garter, throwing flowers and farewell friends.)
Videographer shoot the last 10:30 pm when the bride and the groom leave the reception site or get into the car.

2, Business series:
2.1 Conference & Exhibition: Conference / Exhibition / Festival / Performance / Network video recording taken

Exhibition & Show:
Record valuable seminars, conferences, exhibitions, celebrations and performances, then through the after-processing(editing & packing) make final videos. These events are very precious due to the non-duplication of the information. Whether make it as a file, or edit it directly as a product which will be sold to your customers, or use as a encouragement for the entrepreneurship and enterprise growth record, all have a high economic value and conservation value.

Storefront and web video:
The large-screen TVs in the store are used to loop through the post-packaged films. It is playing an advertising role whether you are in business or closed. Or converted to online video, uploaded to the company website. Customers watch online on demand and expand your market visibility in a short period of time.

2.2 Enterprises promotion: product videos / documentary / feature film production of commercials / corporate songs MTV / product launches

When you meet with your customers, give them your company’s promotional videos or products (services) promotional videos as a gift, or cyclic broadcasting directly in your company. This will better improve the image of your business. After the initial contact with your, when the customer back to his/her own environment, viewing the video through the multi-media mean, they will have a deeper understanding of your services and products . On one hand, it retrieve the loss of less information that delivered to your customers at the initial contact; On the other hand,after sometime, it increase more opportunities to get your customer’s attention to notice your products or services, which will extend effectiveness of the dissemination for a given period of time.
Product Videos:
Can effectively enhance the business image by better displaying the business products and services, includes showing the function, usage and it is widely used in business image advertising. It is a real-time, fast, comprehensive mean of dissemination of information. Multimedia CD as a new information carrier, incorporate text, graphics, video, animation and sound in a integral whole which makes the dissemination of information more easily.

Product (service) Demo CD-ROM:
(Real estate investment, real estate sales and investment exhibition, publicity of tourist attractions, school enrollment, market promotion, hotel promotion, brand promotion and contributing to join an alliance,including functional description, manual operation and FAQs, etc.), as much as possible,all-round and lay stress on the key points of the function and features of the displayed products. A CD enables customers to quickly understand your products, avoid the limit and the no highlighted key points which are the shortcomings of oral presentation,in the mall constantly play your own product demo CD, to attract more customers to pay attention to your products.

Electronic product manual:
Use multimedia CD to distribute our products catalog, product manuals, operate training, technical documentation, such as drivers and installation instructions. Replaced the thick user manual.
Enterprise song MTV:
To carry forward the enterprise culture and enhance the staff cohesion,enterprises investment in the MTV, could be song by singers or by the employees, the MTV can be integrated with the publicity of the business.

3, Audio-visual publication series: Lecture / training / demonstration courses / video publications produced film.
According to your different needs,customize of a variety of shooting options for you. Our professional production team that possess the experience of shooting and making audio-visual co-production which reach the publishing quality with audio-visual publishing enterprise are welcoming your appointment to discuss face to face.

4, TV Series: Advertising / feature film

5, CD-ROM series: CD / DVD / VCD / interactive CD / Production Packaging / Replication

6, Special projects series: large rocker / rail / lift / light / aerial

7, Animated series: 2D / 3D / animation / effect chart

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