We offer clients top-notch full HD video shooting and remarkable editing services. With our outstanding techniques and professional knowledge, we accentuate the highlights of each unique story. We know that every detail can constitute a part of a memory, whether it’s a wedding, film premiere, significant business event, grand concert, or any other monumental occasion, we will capture every precious moment and provide high-quality video content throughout. We can also offer multi-camera coverage as per customer needs, capturing all possible angles to ensure every brilliant moment is recorded. Each production we make is a miniature of your colorful life, and we hope to help you remember and share those priceless moments through excellent imagery.

We promise to provide clients with DVD and digital versions of the final production upon project completion, along with all raw footage data.

We also focus on audio production, and the services we provide cover dubbing, original music production, song recording, music editing, post-mixing, etc. We have extensive experience in music and song production. When providing customers with song recording and dubbing services, we use work creation as a medium to guide everyone with dreams on the journey of art. We are proficient in various advanced audio production tools and technologies, and strive to use the musical elements and melodies that are most suitable for you to create carefully crafted audio effects. In the workflow of audio production and song creation, we are committed to using professional technology to enhance your music experience, making music a unique imprint of your life, and helping you become an outstanding musician.

Our services extend beyond providing audio and visual production, including creating music and song albums, producing various audio and video works, and tutorials. Notably, we produce video tutorials promoting Buddhist culture. We believe that we can help more people understand and connect with the profound Buddhist culture through our efforts. We encourage learning the wisdom and skills of Buddha, and applying them in work, life, and study, to let go of worries and sufferings, and live a life of ease and happiness.