Our business scope includes two aspects: video and audio technology services support.Video Technology Services: Full HD filming technology support. Comprehensive planning, shooting, production services. Including commercials, feature films, product and corporate promotion films, electronic brochures, online video advertising. Music videos, green screens and virtual studios, packaged shots, subtitles, and audio-visual mixing. Wedding planning and filming, friends gatherings, personal photo projects. Can be covered by multiple cameras.Audio Technical Support: Dubbing for video works. Tuning for various performances. Perform professional sound testing, initialization adjustments and maintenance for Kabuki, nightclubs, karaoke and other commercial venues to keep your sound system working at its best. Extend system service life, increase attendance, and enhance competition.Both the pre- and post-production processes use professional equipment and the quality of the finished video reaches the broadcast level. Complete the plan on schedule.
A personal series: Children grow up records / Graduation pictures / photo albums / Personal Music Video / Job Video / Film production Wedding video, etc.
Business series: Conference & Exhibition: Conference / Exhibition / Festival / Performance / Network video recording taken.