Ideal Audio-Visual Studio

Our studio specializes in audio/video product production technology services. Located in Melbourne, it operates as a technical entity. From planning, shooting, recording, to post-mixing production. Provide full service to customers. Now recruiting:

Professional and technical(camera, sound recording and post-): have the ability to understand, operate, examine and distinguish sound and frames.Have a certain foundation in shooting, recording techniques and other respects, be familiar with the pre-and post-production system. Have strong sense of responsibility, work steadily. Be able to do MIDI and animation are negotiable. Treatment is negotiable .

Assistant:Prefer sound (device) music, audio-visual art (technology) film and broadcasting professional. Can peaks Mandarin and English. Polite, be able to operate computer system. Obey the management, have a sense of responsibility, act decisively, quick and neat.

Original Author: If you have ideas to express, to exchange, or have your own work to promote. Welcome to arrange a cooperation, we would like to help you and your work to popularize to the market.

Actors, singers, musicians and broadcasters: experienced,unique characteristics. Have proper plans of their own development paths,our company provides you with a platform to show yourself, welcome to join.

Who wish to interview, pleas make an appointment by phone or E-mail,please attach your resume, photos, salary requirements and contact details.

Thank your for your attention!

Ideal Audiovisual Studio:

MR Oliver
TEL: +61 0450505091

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