Screen: HD 16:9. Time: 5:34 
This is the beginning of a movie file, the metaphor of the journey of love is about to set off on this beautiful day, friends and relatives came to witness, and to deliver their blessing.

Screen: HD 16:9. Time: 14:24

Screen: SD 4:3. Length:3:31

Birthday & diamond wedding party
Screen: HD 16:9. Time: 13:07
Four generations of a international family, today is the 80th birthday of the mother, is also the old couples 60 years diamond-wedding anniversary party. Wish you happy forever!!!

Birthday party
Screen: SD 4:3. Length:3:48
Today is the 8-year-old daughter’s birthday, videotaping this cheerful gathering, As a unique birthday gift to give to her ……

Language: Chinese.Subtitle:E/C Screen: HD 16:9. Time:

Original-HAM Flower:Amateur Radio
Language: Chinese.Subtitle:E/C Screen: HD 16:9. Time:

Award ceremony of the Sydney the Mary Kay2010 year
Language: English/Chinese. Screen: HD 16:9. Time:
After have worked diligently in Mary Kay for two years and seven months,Jean’s sales achievement recognized by the company and hert sales vuolume is the second in Australia. Mary Kay named Jean as excellent staff and awarded her the Mary Kay reward car and a variety of other awards.

Sydney, Chatswood High School student symphony concert
Screen: HD 16:9. Time:

AD of Scratch
Screen: 16:9. Length:3:35

Restaurant industry traning 
Screen: 16:9. Length:4:11

Audio Works Directory:
Italian opera:
Italian, mp3 file: 4.6MB, duration: 6 minutes.

Air Canada ad:
Chinese / English. Mp3 file: 3.2MB, duration: 4 minutes.

Band recording a:
.mp3 files: 491KB, length: 35 seconds.

Band recording b:
.mp3 files: 570KB, length: 41 seconds.

Music: “Schindler’s List” theme song:
.mp3 files: 4.6MB, duration: 6 minutes.

Sound engineering exhibition picture:

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