Basic price overview:
1, AU $ 139 / working hours (fine film editing);
2, AU $ 119 / working hours (rough editing: in chronological order);
3, AU $ 99 / working hours (shooting: provide full material).

The price overview is for reference only, and the specific quotation will be negotiable according to the actual situation:

A, personal series: MV / youth photo / Job VCD / Children’s record of their growth / production of wedding photography shooting footage.
B, Business Series: Conference Exhibition / Business Promotion
B.1. Conference Exhibition:Conference / Exhibition / Festival / Party / Network video /etc.
B.2. Enterprise Promotion:Promotional Video / Feature film / Production of commercial feature film/ Corporate songs MTV / Product introductions.
C, Education Series: Lectures/Training/Model Lesson Shooting.
D, TV Series:Advertising / Feature film.
E, CD-ROM Series:CD / DVD / VCD / Interactive CD-ROM / Production Packaging / Replication.
F, Special projects series: Large rocker arm / Track / lift / Lighting / Aerial videography.

If need Steadicam, large rocker arms, tracks, and track cars, lifts, large professional lights, and aerial shooting, the specific quotation needs to be discussed based on the shooting plan and the actual use of the equipment.